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Advance Course Similan Island Options

Advance Course

Can be experienced on a day trip or on a Similan liveaboard. There are many option you can choose from. It all depends on your budget and time schedule.

The Advance Course has five adventures dives to complete. The Navigation Adventure dive is the only mandatory adventure dive you have to.

The Advanced Course is a much more relaxing experience then the Open Water Course. There is less theory and more fun. It’s more about fine toning your diving skills and getting a greater understanding of the environment you are diving in.

Clark's Anemonefish in it's anemone -Advance Course Similan Island Options

Advance Course Similan Island Options

The Adventure Dives we recommend.

Deep dive
Peak performance buoyancy
Night dive (this can only be done on a
2day/1night live aboard, not on a day trip but you do not need the night dive to finish the Advanced course.
Computer diving
Fish ID

Advance Course Similan Island Options:

Advanced  Course, Similan Island day trips – 5 dives
3 dive day in the Similan Islands (only on a Wednesday, can we do a 3dive day in Similan Islands),
2 dive day in the Similan islands
Price :18,900 Baht

Advanced Course Similan Islands day trips and Local reefs.
3 dive day in the Similan Islands, 2 dive day in the local reef .
Price :17,400 Baht.

Advanced  Course Similan Islands  5 dives in a local reef
Price : 11,900 Baht

Advanced Course Similan Islands on a liveaboard  – 2day/1night – 6 dives
Price 21,400  Baht.

All our price course include:

Advanced  Open Water Manual ( which you will keep) and Certification card
Diving equipment
Pick up and drop of at your Hotel
Food  – Lunch – Water

When possible we take pictures of our student on the second day, a small reminder of your diving experience with Pirate Divers. This service is FREE.

We also give each student a small pirate key ring. When they complete their diving course.A small present from Pirate Divers to all our students.

We do not run a diving factory. We are a small professional company who give that little be extra to all our customers.