Open water course - similan Islands

A Similan Open Water Course

Linda and Daryl decided to do a Similan Open Water Course. They were recommended to Pirate Divers by a friend. They had both experienced being a DSD. Now they wanted to become Open Water Divers. One thing i love about this shop, is the different nationalities we get coming through the door. English, Chinese, German, French, Brazilian, Irish ect.

The open water is a four-day course. Some companies prefer three days but we like to it in four days. That way every thing is relaxed and if you don’t understand anything. We have the time to go over it, again and again if necessary.The Similan open Water course  will last you the rest of your life. So if your going to learn to be come a diver. Do it right! I hate to a see customers who have learnt bad habits from other companies. Or they have missed skills that should have been thought but didn’tLinda Dive Two in the Similan Islands

Day one and day two where fine. Linda and Darly where becoming relaxed in the water. They started to enjoy the whole experience of becoming Open Water divers. Unfortunately Darly ear started becoming painful as he was descending in the water.

Most common causes of ear problem with new open water divers?

The most common injury divers experience is some form of   Barotrauma  (baro = pressure + trauma = injury). This type of injury occurs for a different  reasons, but mostly it occurs when the pressure in the middle ear is not equal to the pressure of the outside environment as the diver descends in the water. If a diver is going to have problem with his ears while he’s descending it’s most like going to happen at 3 to 4 meters. This kind of ear problem will occour mostly will new divers on there open water course.

What you can do to avoid this problem?

  • properly equalizing, often and gently.(especially, if you’re a new open water diver)
  • never diving with a cold or other congestion,
  • abstaining from diving if you cannot clear your ears.

Unfortunately Darly decide his ear was too painful to continue with the course. Linda continued to finish her Open Water Course and even went on to dive again at Richelieu Rock. I hope Darly will finishes the remainder of the Open water course  as i know he has the heart of a diver.